Vegan Blue Tattoo Glide Cream 紋身修護膏

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Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream by NIKKO HURTADO

Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream is a skin care product and glide from the mind of tattooist Nikko Hurtado. Vegan Blue's key ingredient is Turmeric Root, which has many health benefits and is a natural anti inflammatory. Vegan Blue aids in the tattoo healing process, and helps maintain healthy skin. This is not just another tattoo cream! 

  • 4oz (118ml) bottle
  • For use as Aftercare and Glide
  • Vegan formula

About Anchored:
After years of development, testing and a little trial and error, Nikko Hurtado proudly presents the Anchored line of products that now includes Anchored Stencil Solution and Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream.

Vegan Blue Cream 由美國著名紋身師 Nikko Hurtado 研發

Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream使用完全Vegan-Friendly天然有機配方,適合乾燥或濕疹皮膚使用,有別於一般紋身護理藥膏。主要成份為薑黃 (Turmeric Root),能有效幫助對抗炎症,減低對皮膚刺激!

除了於紋身過程中及作紋身護理使用以加速紋身康復過程外,更適合使用於乾燥皮膚或濕疹皮膚,作日常皮膚保養護理使用,保持皮膚健康狀態。 有濕疹唔適合紋身?可以先嘗試先用Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream 將皮膚養好,除了主要成份薑黃(Turmeric Root)以外,還結合豐富維他命的葵花籽油及抗菌滋養的Jojoba Oil,適合易受刺激的敏感皮膚。

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