Tiger Spit© Balm Tattoo Aftercare Cream 紋身護理膏 30ml

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Made in Italy 🇮🇹

Newly tattooed skin is extra sensitive and requires special care.
With TIGER SPIT TATTOO AFTERCARE there is No more itching, no more redness and no swelling of the area.
A nourishing Tattoo butter that hydrates and replenishes while still allowing the skin to breathe. This product contains CBD.


使用 TIGER SPIT TATTOO BUTTER,使該區域不再發癢、不再發紅和腫脹。


SOOTHING TATTOO AFTERCARE: Our Tattoo Balm Prevents Skin Irritation and Damage, provides a faster and healthier tattoo healing process. A nourishing Tattoo balm that hydrates and maximizes regeneration while still allowing the skin to breathe providing ecxellent tattoo aftercare.

INFUSED WITH THE ESSENCE OF NATURE: The tattoo balm is a clinically tested certified skin care product, Certified cruelty-free, absolutely Vegan, all-natural and made with organic ingredients. Tattoo aftercare made with values.

REVIVES COLOR, PREVENTS FADING: Through daily use Tiger Spit Tattoo Balm prevents fading and revives color that may have occurred over time in older tattoos. Tattoo care for a life time. Get ready to spoil your skin with our deluxe tattoo aftercare.

FASTER HEALING: Is your skin sore or red from your new tattoo? Our soothing, moisturizing TATTOO BALM can help speed up the skin’s recovery process. TATTOO AFTERCARE made easy with our tattoo balm due to the huge skin regeneration properties.

VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Cruelty-free, absolutely Vegan, our all-natural and Organic TATTOO BALM is of course petroleum, paraben free. It is made from only the finest ingredients, including Shea, Mango, Coconut, Sunflower, Argain, Rose Hip and Castor Oils, Vitamin E Complex, as well as the essence of Coconut and Mango.

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