S8™ Tattoo Stencil Bundle 轉印修護套裝

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Nothing short of revolutionary!

Our S8 Stencil Bundle comes with all the S8 products you'll need to create that perfect stencil that will last throughout the tattoo process. The S8 Stencil Bundle comes with 1 box of our 100ct S8 Red Thermal, 1 8oz bottle of S8 Transfer Gel, and 2 2oz jars of our S8 Tattoo Gel. 

S8's RED Stencil Transfer Paper is the world’s first impact and thermal ready red colored tattooing stencil paper.

  • Red color ideal for lining
  • Thermal and impact ready
  • Solid long-lasting stencils

The unique 2-in-1 S8 Stencil Transfer Gel cleans and prepares the skin before serving as the transfer medium.

  • All natural vegan blend
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Cleans away oils and dead skin

Our S8 Tattoo Gel is designed to be used as a tattooing glide and lubricant gel during the tattoo process.

  • Decreases glare under lighting
  • Improves ink saturation
  • Decreases friction-related heat and needle burn

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