S8™ Tattoo Needle Cleaner 8oz. 紋身針專用清潔劑

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Now available in a 8 fl. oz. pump bottle!

Convenience. Speed. Precision. Execute your tattoos faster than ever with the help of S8's all-natural, vegetable-based RED Needle Cleaner.

When added to your rinse cups, RED Needle Cleaner actively removes ink, petroleum, and biological matter like vegetable waxes and oil from needle groupings- without additional wiping on paper towels. RED Needle Cleaner saves you time and money, as well as improves needle performance and reduces the chance of crossing or muddy-ing colors.

RED Needle cleaner is compatible with all needle and cartridge technologies, and is safe for all skin types.

The 8 oz pump bottle was developed due to high customer demand for an easy to use, cost effective way to access the S8 Needle Cleaner. The bottle is ideal for high-volume, fast moving, and hard-working artists.



  • Add 3-4 pumps of S8™ RED Needle Cleaner to 6.5 oz of distilled water in rinse cups during setup.
  • Run needle in the rinse cup prior to introducing ink to blend S8™ RED Needle Cleaner.
  • Use rinse cup by dipping needle groups into the cleaner to remove ink from needles, tubes, and cartridges.

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