Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink 紋身顏料套裝 - Angelo Nicolella Set 1oz. (Free Shipping 免費送貨) - Preorder 預訂

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The perfect portrait set brought to you by Radiant in conjunction with Angelo Nicolella. A master of the portrait, Angelo currently lives in Milan where he has opened a world renowned studio.

The set contains 12 amazing colors:

Tan, Peach, Nude, Maple, Cream, Cinnamon, Chestnut, Cacao, Auburn, Natural Beige, Dark Amber, Beige Rose

Angelo Nicolella

He was born in Naples in 1982. He started tattooing in 2011, starting with very simple tattoos to gain experience and improve. A few years ago he decided to take the art of realism and study all his steps, he saw that from the beginning of realism he was already...

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