Inkjet Stencil Ink 轉印墨水 4 oz. Bottle

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InkJet - Stencil - 4oz. 

Inkjet-stencil ink is a patented product by TatuYou in the U.S. It is designed specifically to be used with Epson Eco Tank Printer ET-2550 or ET-2750 or any other.

4oz (118ml) / Made in the USA

Approximately 3000 copies can be printed with 1 bottle of ink.

Please read the FAQ before you buy it. 

Getting Started

  • Take the printer out of the box and keep the instruction guide
  • DO NOT power up the printer until you have filled the ink tanks
  • Put gloves on to avoid staining your hands
  • Open the cover of the printer for all four ink tanks. Remove dispensing caps from all 4 colors Epson ink bottles
  • Open the InkJet Stencil Ink and carefully pierce the foil seal with a pin or small pointed object. Place Epson dispensing cap on the InkJet Stencil bottle over the foil with black rubber washer in place
  • Dispense the ink in all four tanks with the intention of distributing it evenly, 1 oz in each tank. Each ink tanks has a mating dispensing cap that connects to the port to minimize spillage. Four ounces will not fill all tanks but will print about 3,000 stencils
  • Plug in the printer and turn it on and initiate the startup process
  • Connect the printer to your internet network You can send files to the printer from your wireless device over the WIFI network. Connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable if your computer has a USB port. USB Cable is not supplied with the printer
  • Start printing stencils

One 4 oz bottle of patented methyl violet formula for printing InkJet Stencils. Two bottles are needed to fill all four tanks on a new EcoTank printer. 4 ounces will print approximately 3,000 stencils.

  • Any Epson EcoTank Printer: ET-2550, ET-2750 or any other (printer not included)
  • You must use a new printer (cannot use an existing printer)




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