Dynamic Color - Premium Tattoo Ink 美國Dynamic高級紋身墨水

Providing the highest quality tattoo ink since 1990. 100% Original Factory 美國原廠進口。

Our New Look Explained...

We are aware of the large volume of counterfeit products on the market. We have updated a few things to try and deter some of this fraudulent activity moving forward. Please see our updated features below as a reference guide to identifying real Dynamic Color from fakes.

*All Colors now come in crystal clear PET bottles

 New Labels

 Right side of label:

  • Ingredients
  • Expiration date and Lot number

  Left side of label:

  • Warning
  • Directions

  Center of label:

  • "Color Co" under logo
  • Color Code followed by color name in parenthesis
  • American flag followed proudly by "Made in the U.S.A."

New Dynamic logo Heat Seal