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Meanique Tattoo Supply Limited is a Hong Kong based tattoo supplies and products shop. Our products are 100% original from the manufacturer.

We have been working hard on manufacturing the highest quality tattoo needles. In 2019, we passed the test report of 316L Stainless Steel issued by SGS Hong Kong Limited.

We believe there is a huge potential in tattoo industry in Hong Kong and we hope we can bring the best quality to every Hong Kong tattoo artist.




Our New Look Explained...

We are aware of the large volume of counterfeit products on the market. We have updated a few things to try and deter some of this fraudulent activity moving forward. Please see our updated features below as a reference guide to identifying real Dynamic Color from fakes.

*All Colors now come in crystal clear PET bottles

 New Labels

Right side of label:

  • Ingredients
  • Expiration date and Lot number

Left side of label:

  • Warning
  • Directions

Center of label:

  • "Color Co" under logo
  • Color Code followed by color name in parenthesis
  • American flag followed proudly by "Made in the U.S.A."

New Dynamic logo Heat Seal


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